How Auto Dealers Benefit From Independent Financing Services

After the recession of 2007, lenders are often more selective about which individuals they choose to finance, including through auto loans. Unfortunately, the reluctance of these traditional lenders to take a risk on borderline applicants can lead to lost sales and customers walking away from your dealership unhappy. No one benefits from a parking lot full of unsold cars and people who aren't approved to buy them, which is why newer lending institutions have formed to fill the gaps.

3 Excellent Reasons To Buy Your New Car From A Dealership

Buying a new vehicle can be nerve racking, and take a lot of time. There are a lot of different dealerships, or you can pick up a car from a private seller. There is no doubt that each option has pros and cons. While a private seller will almost always sell their car for a cheaper price, there are some definite problems with buying from a private seller. This article will outline a few reasons that buying your next car from a dealership is the best idea.

Like New Vs. Not New: Certified Pre-Owned Cars Vs. Used Cars

If you're searching for a used car, you know you have a choice between certified pre-owned (CPO) cars and plain used cars. One option is to get a regular used car from a dealership that also sells certified pre-owned and new cars. It sounds at first like there's no real difference between CPO cars and regular used cars from a dealership, especially if all the cars in question are from the same make (e.

Three Tips To Impart To Your Newly Licensed Teenager

If you're shopping for an affordable used truck or car for your newly licensed teenager, you'll need to follow some tips that will allow you to help them learn road safety. Reach out to a used car dealership in your area, as you impart the following tips to your teenager.  Keep Plenty Of Gas In Your Car This might seem like a small issue, but as a new, cautious driver, you need to mitigate every area of concern.

3 Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Coming Winter

As the weather begins to get colder, thoughts of football, pumpkin pie and the holiday season will enter the minds of many. That said, if you are a car owner, one other thing that you should spend some time thinking about is how you are going to get your vehicle through the upcoming winter in solid shape. Winter can wreck havoc on a car, both under the hood and on the auto body itself.