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Trading in a Car You Still Owe Money On

Buying Your First Used Motorcycle

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With the price of gasoline on the rise, many drivers are looking for a more affordable way to commute to and from work each day. Opting to invest in a motorcycle could be a simple way to cut the cost of your commute, since these machines are notorious for their great gas mileage. Purchasing a used motorcycle could save you a significant amount of money when compared with buying new, but it can also require more attention to detail in order to ensure you are getting a reliable machine. Here are three tips that you can use when purchasing your first used motorcycle to ensure you are getting the machine best equipped to meet your needs. 1. Always evaluate the engine when it’s cold. When you schedule an appointment to test drive a used motorcycle, ask the owner not to warm up the machine prior to your arrival. Any issues that may be present within the engine can be camouflaged by warming the machine up. A cold engine that doesn’t start easily or sounds like it is struggling to function properly could indicate that you will have mechanical problems with the bike in the future. Doing something as simple as evaluating the engine when it’s cold could help you save on repair costs. 2. Research the cost of replacement parts. You will probably want to replace the tires and brakes after purchasing a used motorcycle to ensure that these parts are working correctly. It can be beneficial to know the cost of replacement parts prior to test driving a motorcycle, since this information will give you greater bargaining power. Letting the owner know that the cost of replacement parts will put you over your maximum budget by a specified amount shows that you are knowledgeable, and it will help you gain the respect of the bike’s owner. You can use this respect to your advantage to negotiate some money off the purchase price. 3. Ask about the service history. Regular maintenance is critical when it comes to preserving the integrity of a motorcycle. Before making an offer on a used bike, you should ask the owner about the service history. Documents verifying regular oil changes, chain and sprocket maintenance, and tune-ups will help you determine the motorcycle’s condition. A bike that has been properly maintained is likely to have a longer lifespan, allowing you to maximize the amount of use you get out of your investment. Purchasing your first used motorcycle can be exciting. Be sure that you are getting a good deal by taking the time to evaluate each potential bike’s engine when cold, researching the cost of replacement parts, and inquiring about the service history of the...

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3 Used Car Options To Consider For A Commuter Vehicle

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Picking out a new vehicle can be a really fun experience, but you have to make sure that you are getting a vehicle that will actually help you out with your primary form of driving. Since many people spend most of their driving time traveling to and from work, it is of the utmost importance to find a good commuter vehicle that can help you make the most out of your time during that commute. Listed below are three used car options to consider when shopping for a commuter vehicle. Alternative Fuel Vehicle One of the most practical things that you can do when looking for a commuter vehicle is to consider those used cars that utilize alternative fuel options. For example, consider getting a diesel vehicle because of the fact that the overall cost of diesel fuel is often substantially lower than traditional gasoline. Another option is to consider an electric car, especially if you do not have an extremely long commute, mostly because this can allow you to completely eliminate your fuel costs because an electric car doesn’t use gasoline at all. Regardless of the alternative fuel option you get, the savings on fuel will really add up over time, which is a great way to offset your car payment or just get a bit of extra spending money in your pocket every month. Luxury Sedan Another used car option to consider when shopping for a commuter vehicle is a luxury sedan, mostly because this option can make you as comfortable as possible for your drive to and from work. Not only will this vehicle option provide you with a wide range of comfort features, such as heated seats and seeds with extra padding, but it will also be able to provide you with a smoother drive. In some cases, you may be able to find a real luxury sedan that can provide you with massage features for the driver seat as well in order to further increase the comfort factor of the vehicle. Sports Car Finally, you may want to think outside the box a bit and consider a sports car for your commuter vehicle, especially if you live in an area that does not get a lot of snowfall so that you will be able to drive the sports car all year long. Now, the reason that you want to consider sports card is that it can help you inject a bit of fun into your commute, which is a fantastic way to unwind on your way home from work or to wake yourself up in the morning on your way to work. In addition, many sports cars are actually built to be quite light, so you may not have to sacrifice too much in the way of fuel economy in order to make your commute more fun. Visit your local used car dealership today in order to look at the various models and types of vehicles that can greatly improve your commute. Alternative fuel vehicles, luxury sedans, and sports cars are all good options to consider for a commuter...

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Four Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Car To Use When You Have To Commute On A Regular Basis

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If you work a job that requires you to drive great distances on a regular basis, it is important drive a car that makes the commute as easy as possible. It is important to take your time when choosing a car to use for your commutes. The following guide lists a few of the factors you need to consider to ensure you purchase the right car to suit your commuting needs. Consider the Comfort of the Seats When you have to drive for hours on end to commute to a new job location every few weeks, the comfort of the seats in your car quickly becomes very important. Consider a car with heated seats so you can always be comfortable during cold mornings. Leather seats are often easier to clean than fabric covered seats and often create a more sophisticated look. Consider the Spaciousness of the Interior You will more than likely have to bring a lot of things with you on your trips if you are going to be gone for weeks or months at a time. Having a spacious interior ensures that you are able to bring everything that you need with you on a trip without having to worry about trying to cram everything into a limited space. This will allow you to keep things neat and organized while you are gone. Consider the Gas Efficiency When driving great distances, having a car that gets great gas mileage is important. It will decrease the amount of stops that you have to make along the way so that you can get to your next destination as quickly as possible. It will also save you money on the overall cost of each trip because you will not have to spend as much money on gas as you would if the car did not get good gas mileage. Consider In-Dash Navigation Finally, consider purchasing a car that has an in-dash navigation system. This will allow you to ensure that you never get lost again when traveling. It will take you the most direct route so that you do not go out of the way to get where you need to go. After purchasing the car, be sure to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. The oil needs to be changed regularly, especially if you commute a lot. If you received a warranty with the purchase of the car, there is a strict maintenance schedule that you need to stick with to ensure that the warranty stays...

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Having Trouble Getting Your Community-Action Project in Gear? Try One of These Three Methods

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Community-action groups exist to help underserved and disadvantaged populations with a diverse number of needs—but they often lack two important things: publicity and the ability to reach the people they serve. If your community-action group is looking for a new way to gain attention and reach those in need, consider the following possibilities. Develop Community Partnerships with Local Businesses Local businesses have a vested interest in helping the disadvantaged in their community. These days, the corporate social-responsibility factor is very important to a business’s public image and attracts positive attention for the business. In addition, 55% of consumers are willing to spend more for products from a company that’s socially responsible. Consider asking local businesses to adopt your community-outreach program by asking customers to add a dollar at checkout to support your project. You can also ask companies to support your outreach program through their social media site—recent studies say that 60% of consumers visit Facebook pages before they buy in local stores. That could go a long way toward increasing community knowledge of your program. Ask Public Buildings to Operate As Collection Sites If your outreach program relies on donations of physical items, make it easy for those who want to lend their support to drop off the goods. Depending on what your program provides, you could work with churches, stores, and public offices to establish collection sites. For example, if your outreach program provides books to underprivileged children, you can see if the local police station, school, and courthouse will allow your group to set up donation boxes. Not only does that make it easy for people to donate, but the visibility of the collection boxes will help spread awareness of your cause. Take Your Outreach Program Directly to the People Who Need It One of the best ways that you can bring awareness to your cause and reach your target audience at the same time is to take your operation mobile. A used commercial bus could be a sound investment for almost any community-outreach program. Properly converted, it could offer both storage and operational space. It can also offer visibility and the opportunity to take your services directly to the areas where people need your help the most. For example, if your outreach program involves providing warm socks, gloves, and hats to the homeless, the bus can be sectioned into areas that make it a mobile donation point, storage center, and distribution center. You can take it into affluent areas for collection drives and then transport the collected items into disadvantaged areas in order to hand the supplies out to the people who need them. The outside of the bus can be used for advertising, and the bus’s mobility will help spread awareness of your purpose. Converted buses have a long history of being used for different community-outreach programs. For example, they’ve been used since the 1970s as bookmobiles, serving as mobile libraries that could reach people in areas that didn’t have easy access to reading materials. In London, some converted commercial buses serve as a Bicycle Library, which is designed to encourage people to switch to the eco-friendly form of transportation.   You can talk to companies such as Sawyers Bus Sales to find out more about buying a used commercial bus.  Getting a community-outreach program started can be...

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Keep Safety In Mind When Shopping For A Family Vehicle

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When you’re single, finding a car is easy. It’s really not much more involved than finding a car within your budget and in a style you like. However, when you have a family, the safety of the little ones you will be transporting is important. You want to ensure that the vehicle meets your safety standards. If you’re in the market for a new family vehicle, here are just some of the safety features you want to investigate. Rear Impact Airbags The government has rigid standards for front seat impact airbags, but not as much when it comes to rear impact airbags. Consequently, manufacturer designs vary between side impact curtain bags and roof mounted bags. If you have a small infant that sometimes leans their head while riding, in the event of an impact, the force of a side curtain airbag imploding could cause serious injuries. In this case, you would need to place the child in the center. With a roof-mounted option this risk is void. One option isn’t necessarily better than the other, but having this information will offer guidance as to where to place your child. Rollover Statistics Checking the rollover statistics is important for any vehicle, but it is especially important if you are looking at a van or SUV. The rollover rating is assigned based on the vehicle’s ability to resist rolling over in the event of impact or a sudden maneuver or turn. Vehicles are assigned a rating on a scale between one and five stars, with one star denoting a higher rollover risk. Although safe driving practices can significantly help lower your risk of a rollover, you still want to be in a vehicle with a minimized risk. LATCH System LATCH, or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, is an important safety feature if you have a child that still sits in a child safety seat. The LATCH system adds an additional layer of protection. This system is basically an anchor like device that allows you to connect the child safety seat to the vehicle seat. This feature is important because in the event of impact, it helps keep the safety seat stable and in place. If you are purchasing a brand new car from a dealership like Jack Burford Chevrolet, this feature should come installed. However, some used models may not have this addition. The safety and protection of your children is important. Make sure you are taking your time to investigate all the safety points of a vehicle before making your final...

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3 Things You Need To Do Before Hitting The Road On Your New Motorcycle

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If you just purchased your first motorcycle, there are a few things you need to do and know before you hit the road on your hot new bike.  #1 Purchase Appropriate Safety Gear The very first thing you need to do is go out and purchase appropriate safety gear. You should not ride your motorcycle until you have the proper gear to do so. You will want to purchase the following safety gear: Helmet: Purchase a Department of Transportation approved helmet that fits you snuggly and comfortably. A helmet will protect your brain if you crash, and will also protect you from wind noise as you ride. Ear Plugs: Riding a motorcycle at high speeds can can cause damage to your ears through repeated exposure to the loud sounds of the road. All that noise can also be distracting.  Ear wear: If you want to keep bugs and other debris out of your eyes, you need to invest in proper eye protection. Make sure that your protective eyewear allows you to see clearly during the day and night.  Gloves:  Wearing gloves will help you keep a strong grip on your bike as you ride. If you ever happen to fall, a sturdy pair of gloves will also protect your hands from suffering extensive damage, especially if you try to catch yourself with your hands when you fall. Jacket: When that wind wipes around you, even on a hot summer day, you’ll want some protection from it. Purchase a jacket that fits your riding needs and climate. A jacket can also offer you a high degree of protection if you ever get into an accident. Pants: Your everyday pants generally don’t cut it on a bike. Your legs will be close to lots of exposed equipment, so you want to wear pants that will protect your body from the heat of your motorcycle and keep you comfortable as well. Boots: Although you may be able to ride in your sneakers, you should invest in a pair of riding books that provide you with solid traction. You’ll want to purchase boots that make it easy to keep your feet on the pegs and that protect you from flying objects, like small rocks. #2 Update Your License Almost every state requires that you have a special endorsement or certification in order to ride a motorcycle. Some states require you to just take a written test to update your license, and other states require you to take a driving test with your motorcycle before you are able to update your license. Make sure you are legally allowed to ride a motorcycle before you get on the road. #3 Take A Training Or Safety Course Riding a motorcycle requires a great degree of skill. Make sure that you are ready to be on the road with other motorists by taking a motorcycle training or safety course with your new motorcycle. This is a great way to get hands-on practice in a safe environment before you get on the road with other motorists.  To learn more, contact a dealership like Canyon...

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How Auto Dealers Benefit From Independent Financing Services

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After the recession of 2007, lenders are often more selective about which individuals they choose to finance, including through auto loans. Unfortunately, the reluctance of these traditional lenders to take a risk on borderline applicants can lead to lost sales and customers walking away from your dealership unhappy. No one benefits from a parking lot full of unsold cars and people who aren’t approved to buy them, which is why newer lending institutions have formed to fill the gaps. If you own a used or new car dealership and are looking for more versatile financing options, it might be time to look beyond the standard bank financing programs in favor of a more independent system.  Securing a Loan for Customers With Poor Credit Many American families suffer from bad credit but are unable to secure a loan to begin rebuilding it. Car financing services understand that a rough patch in an individual’s financial history is not necessarily indicative of their current situation, and they are more likely to accept applicants with poor credit or a bankruptcy in their past,  Working With the Same People and Loan Terms One advantage of working with an independent car financing service is that you can offer similar loans to every customer who walks in. This consistency may improve your reputation for fairness and will allow you to assess customer satisfaction more meaningfully, and it can also benefit your efficiency and record-keeping. Working primarily with the same company means you can expect more personalized customer service as you build relationships with the financing service’s employees and get to know the terms of a standard loan.  Simplifying Loan Payments and Tracking Systems Another benefit of lending through a dedicated auto loan service is centralizing your records and loan payment systems. Different lenders all have different paperwork, forms, and loan terms, as well as their own payment rates, dates and delivery methods. By sticking to one system for the majority of your loans, you can drastically reduce the amount of redundancy in your office paperwork and pull your information from a single database. This small change could significantly increase the speed and efficacy of your employees as they process and manage loans. Financing Older or Unusual Vehicles Many traditional lending institutions balk at financing old or unique vehicles, which can make selling them very difficult. Much like people with bad credit, unconventional dealership vehicles may find more sympathetic lenders at an independent financing service. If you find yourself repeatedly frustrated by declined loan applications, disappointed customers and languishing vehicles, don’t limit yourself to squeamish bank programs. Begin exploring your alternative options today to start connecting cars and drivers at an unprecedented rate, regardless of previous credit...

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3 Excellent Reasons To Buy Your New Car From A Dealership

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Buying a new vehicle can be nerve racking, and take a lot of time. There are a lot of different dealerships, or you can pick up a car from a private seller. There is no doubt that each option has pros and cons. While a private seller will almost always sell their car for a cheaper price, there are some definite problems with buying from a private seller. This article will outline a few reasons that buying your next car from a dealership is the best idea.  Law of Merchantability A car dealership is not allowed to sell you are car that they know has problems. This means that you are protected from a known lemon, and that is always a good thing. If there are major problems, like faulty transmission, cracked engine, or bad brakes, the dealership must fix them before selling the car. If something does go wrong with the car after you buy it, if you can prove the problem existed before you bought the car, then the dealership will have to pay for the problem to be fixed. It is also very important to look at the details of the contract. If you buy a car “as is” then any problem that occurs is your problem. So, be sure the dealership is offering a warranty with the car you buy.  Paperwork One of the best reasons to buy your next vehicle from a dealership is the ease of paperwork. When buying a vehicle from a private seller, the paperwork is all up to the buyer. However, when buying a vehicle from a dealership they will take care of paperwork. The paperwork will usually include title transfer and registration. Most dealerships will also offer a type of financing, and although you may decide to get a loan from through a bank, it is still nice to have multiple options.  Options There is no question that a dealership will be able to find the exact car that you want. If they do not have the car in stock then they will be able to get it for you. It is true that you may be able to find the exact car from a private dealer, but the odds are low. There is no doubt that a new car dealer will be able to get the exact car you want, and that means down to the nitty gritty details...

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Like New Vs. Not New: Certified Pre-Owned Cars Vs. Used Cars

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If you’re searching for a used car, you know you have a choice between certified pre-owned (CPO) cars and plain used cars. One option is to get a regular used car from a dealership that also sells certified pre-owned and new cars. It sounds at first like there’s no real difference between CPO cars and regular used cars from a dealership, especially if all the cars in question are from the same make (e.g., a Nissan dealer selling CPO Nissans and used Nissans). Some important differences exist, however, and while both options can be good choices, you should know what you’re getting before setting down money. Age Certified pre-owned cars are usually limited to those that are just a few years old, usually no more than five years old. This means the cars often carry hefty price tags that, while not as high as you’d find for new cars, can still require a few years of payments to pay off. It also means that if newer models of cars have features you don’t want, like keyless entry, it’s more likely the certified pre-owned cars will have those features, too. Of course, that varies by car manufacturer, so you still may be able to find CPO cars that don’t have those unwanted features if you’re willing to look at other makes. Plain used cars, however, can be of any age. Keep in mind that many popular year-models don’t always show up as used, though, because their owners want to keep the cars running instead of trading them in or selling them — the used cars that you do find may tend to be year-models that weren’t so tough or that weren’t as well-liked. But you’ll find a wider variety of features if you look at regular used cars simply because the pool of models is more diverse. Amount of Work Certified pre-owned cars are supposed to be fixed up and inspected to the point where they’re like new. However, there’s nothing to prevent plain used cars from being fixed up to the point where they run like new. Plus, as with any car, there’s the chance of a certified car simply being a lemon — the rest of the cars at the dealership could be great, and just this one happens to have a lot of hidden issues that weren’t evident when the car was being certified. Given that plain used cars are usually much cheaper than CPO cars, you may want to look very closely at plain used cars if you’re on a tight budget. As with any used car, get a good third-party mechanic to look at the car before you buy it; you may find some gems. Warranty Length Warranties are also a feature that can vary by dealership, but in general, a CPO car is going to have a more thorough warranty. A plain used car may have a very short warranty of only a few months, or a limited warranty that covers only part of the car. CPO warranties are much more extensive, often being slightly shorter versions of the warranties you find on new cars. But again, that affects the price of the car, too. Those limited-warranty cars tend to have very low prices compared to CPOs, and if the dealership offers additional warranties...

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Three Tips To Impart To Your Newly Licensed Teenager

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If you’re shopping for an affordable used truck or car for your newly licensed teenager, you’ll need to follow some tips that will allow you to help them learn road safety. Reach out to a used car dealership in your area, as you impart the following tips to your teenager.  Keep Plenty Of Gas In Your Car This might seem like a small issue, but as a new, cautious driver, you need to mitigate every area of concern. Having to make an emergency stop at the pump can cause stress and anxiety since you will need to rush to get gas in a place that you are not used to driving. Your vehicle will also get better gas mileage when it is not always running near empty. The reason for this is that over time, dirt and sediment settles into the bottom of your car’s gas tank. When your tank runs low, you are using the poorest and dirtiest quality gas that your vehicle has available and also run the risk of sediment seeping into your fuel injector.  Make Sure All Of Your Settings Are In Place Before You Hit The Road A distracted driver is a dangerous driver, so make sure that you always adjust your settings before going into traffic. This will prevent you from scrambling to change things while trying to focus on the road.  Follow this checklist to make sure you have all of these items in place before pulling out: Set your side and rear view mirrors to your liking  Have your radio stations programmed Adjust your seat to the height that you want, with the leg room that you need Make sure that your passengers are settled and buckled up Set up your Bluetooth audio if you are going to play music through your phone or iPod Always Leave Early Another unnecessary stressor that new drivers face is having to get where they need to be while running late. We all run late from time to time, but it can be more stressful if you are still trying to build your comfort levels behind the wheel. By getting where you need to be early, you are able to not only drive at comfortable speeds, you will also be able to find a parking spot without having to drive around in circles for extended periods of time.  If you follow these three tips, your introduction into driving will be a productive one. Accidents can happen to anybody, but you will be in a better position to prevent them if you adhere to this...

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