4 Essential Vehicle Safety Features

When you look for a new vehicle, you want to choose one with future thinking safety features that will reduce your risk of accidents and help keep you safer in your vehicle for years to come.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking is all about preventing collisions. This system uses sensors to determine the speed of the vehicle in front of you. If it determines that your speed, and the vehicle's speed in front of you, will result in an accident, your vehicle will start to brake for you.

This can help to reduce rear-end collisions. It can help save you from a rear-end collision if you are not paying attention, or you drift off and fall asleep, or if you see the vehicle slow down suddenly in front of you and can't react quickly enough. Your AEB system will respond quicker than you can, keeping you safe.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane departure warning systems have different names and ways they work, but the basic concept is to let you know if you are crossing the white lines or drifting out of our lane. Your vehicle will buzz and warn you so that you will get back in your lane. Some systems will actually direct your vehicle back into your lane as well.

Rearview Cameras

A rearview camera ensures that you can always see what is happening behind you and that nothing will obstruct your view of what is happening behind your vehicle. With a rearview camera system, you will be able to see a 180-degree view of what is happening behind your vehicle at all times. It doesn't matter if your backseat is overflowing with stuff; you will always be able to see behind you.

Blindspot Monitor

A blind-spot monitor is different than a rearview camera. It is all about checking the spots that you can't see with your cameras or from looking over your shoulder. A blind-spot monitor or detection system uses sensors to tell you if there is a vehicle in your blind spots. Most vehicles let you know that there is a vehicle in your blind spot via yellow or orange lights on your door mirrors.

When picking out a new vehicle, be sure to get one with safety features that will keep you safe on the road for years to come. The above safety features are all about reducing your chance of getting into an accident, keeping you and everyone around you safe on the road.

For more information about safety features in different vehicles, like Ford vehicles, contact a local dealer.