Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car To An Auto Dealer And Not The Junkyard?

If you have a junky car, you might do better to sell the vehicle to your local auto dealer who pays cash for junk cars over your traditional outlet: the junkyard. Whether your car barely runs or is not operational at all, your local auto dealer might be the better outlet for making some money or other benefit off your car than a local junkyard may be. Here are reasons why you should consider selling your junky car to an auto dealer and not the junkyard.

You might make even more money

A junkyard usually pays a price per pound for your junk car, which tends to be somewhere like a few cents per pound or about $150 per ton. This isn't a lot of money and puts some cash in your pocket, but you might be able to get more out of your junky car if you sell your car to an auto dealer that pays cash for junk cars.

The reason why is this: your auto dealer will make some of their investment back on your car by selling it later to a junkyard or by using some of the parts of your junk car to service other vehicles they have on their lot. An auto dealer will also have the opportunity to promote the vehicles they have on their lot to you if they can get you to sell your junky car to them and not a junkyard. As such, they will be willing to put more money into their purchase.

You might get a new car out of the deal

Speaking of the aforementioned sales pitch, when you take your junky car to a dealership that pays cash for junk cars, you can potentially get into a new vehicle to replace the one you've sold. You can be given a great trade-in value for your old and unusable vehicle to put towards a new one on the lot, or you can be given a larger cash amount for your junky car if you wish to purchase a vehicle from the dealer in the near future.

In many ways, going to an auto dealer who will pay you cash for junk cars can work out in your favor. Not only can you sell your old car easily, but you can get behind the wheel of a new one that you can really love. Or, you can get the best cash price for your car in the area, which is something your local junkyard may not be able to do for you. Contact a company that offers cash for junk cars for more information.