3 Signs You Should Hire an Auto Broker

When buying a car, many people only really consider two options: private sales and dealerships. Auto brokers are an alternative to both options. By hiring a broker, you're bringing in an advocate to help you find and purchase the car you want. This approach has plenty of advantages, but you might not be sure if it's the best option in your unique situation. While most people can probably benefit from working with a broker, there are some situations where taking this path makes even more sense.

Signs It's Time For A Truck

There may be signs letting you know that you should think about buying a truck. When there is a reason why a truck would be advisable for your lifestyle or business, it's a good idea to purchase one. This can simplify things for you and in the case of a business need, it can even help you with the future success of your business. You can read more on some of the possible signs that a truck would be a good idea below.

4 Essential Vehicle Safety Features

When you look for a new vehicle, you want to choose one with future thinking safety features that will reduce your risk of accidents and help keep you safer in your vehicle for years to come. Automatic Emergency Braking Automatic emergency braking is all about preventing collisions. This system uses sensors to determine the speed of the vehicle in front of you. If it determines that your speed, and the vehicle's speed in front of you, will result in an accident, your vehicle will start to brake for you.

3 Easy Tips For Dipping Your Toes Into The Van Life Waters

It might seem tempting to live in a van, traveling around the country; embracing this lifestyle of freedom and adventure can be appealing, but it can also be a big step. Fortunately, you don't need to entirely give up your old life to become a free spirit on the open roads. Getting started as a part-time van life enthusiast is an excellent option for dipping your toes in the water. You can take this approach whether you're currently a fully remote worker or just plan to explore during your time off.

5 Cool New Car Features In 2021

As you look at new vehicles, it is important to be aware of some of the coolest car features on the market today. There are lots of new car features that were not around even a few years ago. Feature #1: Adaptive Cruise Control Cruise control has been around for decades; however, the function of cruise control has remained unchanged for many years. Finally, cruise control has changed and become more modern.