Luxury Details You'Ll Find On High-End Pontoon Boats

One of the nice things about shopping for a pontoon boat is that it's easy to find one of these vessels to suit virtually any budget. Your local boat dealer almost certainly has a number of entry-level pontoon boats that offer minimal features but can still be the foundation of countless happy memories on the water with your family. If you have more money to spend, you'll enjoy browsing the high-end pontoon boats for sale. In addition to being larger and offering a wide range of features, these vessels often have the following luxury details that you and your passengers will appreciate.

Teak Accents

Teak is a popular wood in marine applications, with luxury yachts often using this material for their decks. You'll find some high-end pontoon boats that have teak floors, which can give them a luxury vibe—especially considering how lower-end boats often have aluminum floors. Even if you don't buy a pontoon boat with a teak floor, it may have numerous teak accents throughout it. For example, you'll see teak trim along the sides of the boat, around the console, and in a variety of other areas. The use of teak will add a degree of style that many pontoon boats don't have.

LED Lights

Another detail that you'll often find on high-end pontoon boats is the addition of LED lighting. Often, this type of lighting will appear in strips, placed strategically in areas so that it casts a pleasing glow when you're using the boat at dusk or during the night. Some entry-level boats don't have any lights, so finding a pontoon boat with this stylish lighting can give it a luxury feel. You'll not only see LED lighting around the console but also around seats and along the edges of the floor. Some high-end pontoon boats even have LED lighting along their outer edges, creating a stylish glow in the water.

Faux Leather Seating

The material on pontoon boat seats varies. On lower-end models, you'll often find vinyl. Vinyl offers a number of advantages, particularly in environments with water, but it doesn't particularly provide a high-end look. When you choose a luxury pontoon boat, you'll often get a model that has faux leather seating. Leather seating obviously wouldn't work in this damp environment, but pontoon boat companies use a variety of different materials to give their seats a leather-like look. If a high-end pontoon boat with these luxury features appeals to you, visit your local pontoon boat dealer.