When Buying A Car In The Winter, Look For Winter Features & Know How To Negotiate

Most people enjoy purchasing a vehicle when it is nice and warm outside, and they can spend their time wandering around the car lots looking at all the different options available to them. However, car dealerships are open all year round, even when it is nice and freezing outside. If you want need to purchase a vehicle this winter, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

#1 Consider The Car's Winter Features

Pay special attention to the features that will make a vehicle enjoyable to drive in the winter. It can be easy to overlook these features when shopping for a car during the summertime. If you want to be comfortable in your new vehicle, you want it to have some nice winter features.

Be sure to test out the heater. Make sure that it warms up the vehicle quickly and doesn't leave you hanging in the cold for a long period of time. See if the vehicle comes with heated seats, which can be a nice perk if you live in a particular cold area. Find out if the vehicle has a remote start control, which can allow you to heat up your vehicle before you get into it, which is a handy feature to have during the winter time.

Also, pay attention to the tires on the vehicle. During the winter, traction is extremely important. You want to purchase a vehicle that already has winter tires or all-weather tires. You don't want to purchase a new vehicle that you can't even safely drive in the rain and snow.

#2 Know The Car's Worth

Before you start negotiating the price of the vehicle, make sure that you know the vehicle's worth. Figure out what the dealer cost of owning the vehicle is, not the sticker price that the dealer shows you. The dealer cost is pretty much the lowest number that a dealership would take on a sale because it would allow them to break even on what they invested in the vehicle. Most dealerships want to earn a little more than they invested in purchasing the vehicle.

Knowing the vehicle's dealer value can help you negotiate a price that is fair to you and to the dealership and salesperson at the same time. Use this information to negotiate on the price. Keep in mind that many dealerships are very willing to work with you on the price of a vehicle, especially in the winter time. The holiday and post-holiday season are very slow times in the car dealership industry, which makes it a great time of year to get a good deal on a vehicle. 

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