Keep Safety In Mind When Shopping For A Family Vehicle

When you're single, finding a car is easy. It's really not much more involved than finding a car within your budget and in a style you like. However, when you have a family, the safety of the little ones you will be transporting is important. You want to ensure that the vehicle meets your safety standards. If you're in the market for a new family vehicle, here are just some of the safety features you want to investigate.

Rear Impact Airbags

The government has rigid standards for front seat impact airbags, but not as much when it comes to rear impact airbags. Consequently, manufacturer designs vary between side impact curtain bags and roof mounted bags.

If you have a small infant that sometimes leans their head while riding, in the event of an impact, the force of a side curtain airbag imploding could cause serious injuries. In this case, you would need to place the child in the center. With a roof-mounted option this risk is void. One option isn't necessarily better than the other, but having this information will offer guidance as to where to place your child.

Rollover Statistics

Checking the rollover statistics is important for any vehicle, but it is especially important if you are looking at a van or SUV. The rollover rating is assigned based on the vehicle's ability to resist rolling over in the event of impact or a sudden maneuver or turn.

Vehicles are assigned a rating on a scale between one and five stars, with one star denoting a higher rollover risk. Although safe driving practices can significantly help lower your risk of a rollover, you still want to be in a vehicle with a minimized risk.

LATCH System

LATCH, or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, is an important safety feature if you have a child that still sits in a child safety seat. The LATCH system adds an additional layer of protection. This system is basically an anchor like device that allows you to connect the child safety seat to the vehicle seat.

This feature is important because in the event of impact, it helps keep the safety seat stable and in place. If you are purchasing a brand new car from a dealership like Jack Burford Chevrolet, this feature should come installed. However, some used models may not have this addition.

The safety and protection of your children is important. Make sure you are taking your time to investigate all the safety points of a vehicle before making your final decision.