3 Excellent Reasons To Buy Your New Car From A Dealership

Buying a new vehicle can be nerve racking, and take a lot of time. There are a lot of different dealerships, or you can pick up a car from a private seller. There is no doubt that each option has pros and cons. While a private seller will almost always sell their car for a cheaper price, there are some definite problems with buying from a private seller. This article will outline a few reasons that buying your next car from a dealership is the best idea. 

Law of Merchantability

A car dealership is not allowed to sell you are car that they know has problems. This means that you are protected from a known lemon, and that is always a good thing. If there are major problems, like faulty transmission, cracked engine, or bad brakes, the dealership must fix them before selling the car. If something does go wrong with the car after you buy it, if you can prove the problem existed before you bought the car, then the dealership will have to pay for the problem to be fixed. It is also very important to look at the details of the contract. If you buy a car "as is" then any problem that occurs is your problem. So, be sure the dealership is offering a warranty with the car you buy. 


One of the best reasons to buy your next vehicle from a dealership is the ease of paperwork. When buying a vehicle from a private seller, the paperwork is all up to the buyer. However, when buying a vehicle from a dealership they will take care of paperwork. The paperwork will usually include title transfer and registration. Most dealerships will also offer a type of financing, and although you may decide to get a loan from through a bank, it is still nice to have multiple options. 


There is no question that a dealership will be able to find the exact car that you want. If they do not have the car in stock then they will be able to get it for you. It is true that you may be able to find the exact car from a private dealer, but the odds are low. There is no doubt that a new car dealer will be able to get the exact car you want, and that means down to the nitty gritty details .