2 Tips For Helping You Sell Your Old Car

To lessen the financial burden of purchasing a new car, many people choose to sell their old one. And while the condition of your old car is a big factor in determining how much you can get, making a successful sale involves more than simply good maintenance. If you are interested in learning about how to find a buyer for your old car, read on. This article will introduce two helpful tips.

Create an online listing--and make it pop!

Online classified ads are one of the most effective ways to sell a used car. Unfortunately, this means that online marketplaces are often clogged up with hundreds of new listings a day. Therefore, unless you've got a good headline, many prospective buyers will pass you buy without ever even looking at the details about your car.

There are two important things to include in the headline for your ad. First, be sure to identify yourself as a private seller. This will help you stand out from the overwhelming number of dealer ads. Second, be sure to mention if you are the car's original owner. This will help to show that you are a responsible owner and increase your credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. 

Let the car sell itself--with the help of a good sign.

While online selling can work wonders in many cases, it's always a good idea to take a street-level approach as well. After all, your car is more than capable of selling itself--with the right sign in the window, that is.

Resist the temptation to stick one of those generic "for sale" signs inside of your car. These generally lack the specificity that will make a passerby genuinely interested in your vehicle. Instead, take a few minutes to put together a document of your own, being sure to include the following things:

  • price
  • odometer reading
  • make and model
  • any recently upgraded components
  • positive selling features, such as per gallon mileage or safety rating
  • first name and phone number

The font you use should be simple, large, and easy to read from a distance. Once you've got the full sized sign made, create smaller versions of the exact same information. Cut these out, slip them inside of a large zip-lock bag, and attach it to the exterior of your car. This way interested parties will be able to take a copy home--thus increasing the chances that they will end up getting in contact with you.

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