4 Truck Features & Accessories Ideal For Soda Lovers

Whether they're taking a daily commute or long road trip, soda lovers can enjoy the refreshing taste of a carbonated beverage while traveling on the road. Instead of sacrificing freshness, cold flavors, or convenience, there are many truck features that can cater to a soda lover. As you browse through various auto sales for trucks, look for four different features that can cater to your love for soda. It can completely change the way you enjoy soda during a ride.

Expanded Cup Holders

Not all cup holders are created equal. If you like to stop at a fast food restaurant or gas station for soda, the largest cups may have trouble fitting into small cup holders. This is where an expanded cup holder comes in. Expanded cup holders are layered to easily fit a can of soda or expand to the larger plastic cups. This helps free up both of your hands to drive while still giving you easy access to the drink. A truck with extra cup holders can give you extra options, including the ability to hold multiple soda drinks at once.

Cool Box

A number of newer trucks have included a small compartment known as the cool box. When turned on, the cool box directs air conditioning directly into the small area. This helps keep cans or bottles of soda at the same temperature you originally bought them at. Purchasing a truck with a cool box will make it ideal for when you're bringing soda directly from the refrigerator and you want it to remain fresh.

12V Rear Power Plugs

Instead of filling a cooler with ice every time you drive, you can have fresh and cool soda right behind the driver's seat of your truck. With rear 12V power plugs, you have the ability to install a miniature truck fridge. These small devices can carry at least a six pack of soda and will keep it cold and carbonated during your drive. The refrigerators are configured to run on low power and still provide you with cold beverages. If the truck doesn't have rear adapters, you can access the front adapters and run cables to the back as needed.

Center Console Upgrades

Instead of having a center seat in your truck, you can choose to have a center console upgrade installed. For soda lovers, this upgrade can have a number of benefits. Along with additional cup holders, deep box compartments are ideal for accessories like straws and drink koozies. They allow you to stay stocked up on all your soda needs. Large compartments can even be used to store empty cans and bottles until you are able to properly recycle them.

Work with an auto dealer to find the best trucks for your soda drinking needs. Trucks can often be upgraded to feature these changes if you've found a model that you really love. If you're looking for an auto sales company, visit Hart Fullerton Leasing.