2 Reasons To Consider Making An SUV Part Of Your Bug-Out Plan

Any good disaster bug-out plan needs to include a suitable bug-out vehicle, mostly because you may not be able to stay in your home throughout a disaster. In that situation, you will want a bug-out vehicle that is capable of getting you and everything that you need to a safe location where you can wait out the disaster. You should consider making an SUV part of your bug-out plan, because it is more than capable of off-road travel and has a large cabin.

Capable Of Off-Road Travel

One of the most important features in a bug-out vehicle is the ability to go off-road, because many disaster preppers prefer to create their bug-out locations in remote areas. As a result, you may not always be able to take paved roads all the way to your safe bug-out location.

In that situation, an SUV that is capable of four-wheel or all-wheel drive will make it much more likely that you will be able to make it to the bug-out location without getting stuck, even if you must traverse unpaved gravel or dirt roads to get there. Many SUVs are ideal for this kind of terrain, as many manufacturers specifically designed their SUVs for off-road use.

Another reason to utilize an off-road capable SUV is because when evacuating an area due to a disaster, it may not always be possible to get out quickly by using major roads. In many cases, these roads may be blocked off due to debris, damage from the disaster, or severe traffic. However, an off-road capable SUV can allow you to leave the road easily and bypass the blockage without having to find another route.

Has A Large Cabin

An SUV is also a great choice for a bug-out vehicle because it has a very large cabin. The large cabin of an SUV means that you will have plenty of room to fit a large amount of supplies and passengers. This allows you to not only get yourself and your family to safety, but to also transport enough supplies to last until the disaster is over and done with. 

In addition, the SUV's cabin will allow you to transport all of your supplies safely by keeping them covered from the elements. Also, by keeping your supplies out of sight within the SUV's cabin, you not have to worry about potential thieves or looters easily spotting your supplies and attempting to steal them.

Visit a local auto dealership today, like Roos Only, in order to test drive the many available SUVs that would make a great addition to your bug-out plan. An SUV can benefit your bug-out plan by providing plenty of room for passengers and cargo while also allowing you to easily go off-road if needed.