Reasons Why It's OK To Buy A Car With High Mileage

When it comes to buying cars, your brain is likely trained to think that the fewer miles you see on the odometer the better. While that's certainly true while buying new, there are a number of scenarios where it might be OK to purchase a used Nissan Altima or another type of used vehicle that has accumulated more than its fair share of miles. Here's why a high reading on the odometer should not automatically disqualify a vehicle from your list of prospective purchases.

The Odometer Implies Wear and Tear... But Not If Recent Replacements Were Made

Typically, the more miles a car has, the closer it is to needing major repair work. Brake pads and discs might need to be replaced every 20 to 40 thousand miles, tires every 15 to 20 thousand and so on. But chances are if the odometer is really up there that the previous vehicle owner had to make some replacements or repairs on his or her own already. See if the dealer has the paperwork from the car's previous life. You might be surprised to see that a car that "looks old" on the odometer actually has quite a few new parts installed under the hood. This would mean you won't have quite as much to worry about when you drive off the lot.

High Mileage Can Be Misleading If It Was Earned Mostly on the Highway

While 50,000 miles or more is a lot of miles, it might not quite be accurate to say the vehicle has suffered a lot of wear and tear if those miles were mostly earned on a highway. High mileage is more of a concern when it is accumulated within a city or town with lots of red lights and stop signs. Every time you put your vehicle through different shifts and have to repeatedly pump the brakes as you roll up to each new stop sign, all of that stopping and starting and speeding up and slowing down is what wears the vehicle. If the vehicle is just cruising along at the same speed on the highway for quite some time, that's not quite as bad on some of the vehicle's parts.

Extended Warranties Are Likely Available

Most dealers today offer warranty plans even if the car is older. This will allow you to drive off the lot with peace of mind that your investment is protected in case something does go wrong. Go to a reputable dealer that offers a good warranty and you can save money by getting a car with a higher odometer reading.