How To Protect Your New Ford Pickup From Wind Damage

When you buy a new truck, it is initially your pride and joy. You want to ensure that it stays safe from all elements, including the wind. This guide will help you do exactly that, protecting your new vehicle from wind and everything that comes along with it.

Cover Your Truck

A truck cover is often the first level of protection against the elements when it is parked, especially if you do not have a garage at home. If you were contending with something as torrential as hurricane winds, you might even consider taping the windows to ensure water is not blown inside the car, even if the cover comes off.

Take Off Exterior Features

If you know extreme winds are coming, you can prepare by taking off removable features. Antennas and other detachable features can easily blow away if you aren't careful. You might also consider folding items in if they can be folded. Side mirrors often do this.

Watch Where You Park

Many people give little thought to where they park their vehicles. If you want to protect your new truck, you need to ensure that you are not parked underneath or near anything that could lead to the wind blowing debris onto your new Ford. Watch for tree branches, shopping cards, street signs, and anything else that can damage your pickup truck.

Photograph Your Truck

If you fear that the wind could damage your truck, take photos of the situation before and after. This could help you should you need to contend with your insurance company regarding paying for repairs on your Ford.

Drive Slower

Driving slower is a better way to combat the wind. The wind can veer you off course in sudden bursts, so driving slowly and not making sudden turns and lane changes can prevent accidents. Side winds can be the most difficult winds to maneuver.

Choose Wisely

A pickup truck can be a great way to haul items and to get from Point A to Point B. They can also do well in the wind, but you should still take precautions. A new Ford is equipped to handle a variety of circumstances, including windy days.

Your pickup truck has a lot of power, but only you have the power to protect it from wind. You may not be able to stop driving in bad weather, but you can certainly protect your lovely new 2018 Ford F 150 while you do it.